Alien Autopsy … I mean The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Wow. Did you watch the Jesus Tomb show on Discovery last night? I watched it until it felt too much like Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction). The carelessness with which they treated the facts … no … not carelessness — deceitfulness — was just too frustrating for me to stick with it. I have it on my DVR, so I will watch it in bits and pieces, kind of like the way you eat really bad food — tiny bites, so you don’t throw up.

However, Ben Witherington has a great piece on it at his blog. Read his text and then read some comments. The text from Dr. Witherington will affirm the flaws in the production and a couple of the comments (if they don’t get deleted) will affirm the gullibility of humankind in believing this sort of tabloid documentary.

Thanks, Doc W. for your excellent coverage on this film!

13 thoughts on “Alien Autopsy … I mean The Lost Tomb of Jesus

  1. This new “discovery” would be absolutely halarious if it weren’t for the fact that people will actually beleve it.

  2. You’re absolutely right, Andy. I once knew a guy who watched a special on Elvis still being alive. He believed it.

  3. I chose not to watch it. Makes me too angry. Angry that I’m not smart enough to have an intelligent immediate rebuttle – other than “that’s not true” – and angry that Cameron is using Hollywood to deceive people with fallowed hearts who are not prepared to hear God’s truth so they’ll believe this rubbish. M*A*S*H was less agrivating to watch!

  4. You mean Elvis isn’t alive, and hiding with Hitler somewhere in Argentina?

    I liked the comment “archo-porn”. That’s precicely what it is. It makes all the real archeologists in the world, and all the historians too, look like morons because they can’t find something “this exciting.”

  5. Great link to the Witherington blog.

    I am amazed but in one sense not surprised that people swallow this stuff without thinking.

    We (society) rely on the “experts” without questioning what is their field of expertise.

    Cameron is a great film maker according to the standards of that industry but certainly not a archaelogist.

  6. So does this mean that Indiana Jones didn’t really find the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail; but did find the Temple of Doom?!

    Indy was much more believable, and way more fun to watch.

    I think Monty Python’s Holy Grail was more historically accurate than the DaVinci Code and the Lost Tomb put together.

  7. Funny!

    Which raises a question…why is everyone scrambling to find a questionable object (holy grail) and not one that we know did exist (Ark)? Is it because if they don’t find it we can say “well, we didn’t really believe it existed to begin with”?

    I think I just answered my own question.

    Indy was (is?) far more honorable.

  8. Elvis is definitely alive, by the way! I just saw him on the bus. He was sitting right next to Bigfoot. Gosh!

  9. Hey, Bigfoot is real! Actually, the evidence for Bigfoot is more believeable, if you think about it.

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