Joey Porter GONE from Blitzburgh…

Whodathunkit? Joey gone? I wonder the reasons?

After, what six or seven seasons, perhaps he is past his prime?

Or maybe the money was a factor? As I recall, he was talking about his contract last year — two years before the current contract was up.

Or maybe it was a matter of personality. As a citizen of SteelerNation, I sometimes loved Porter’s trash talk and other times cringed when I heard it. Perhaps that style of communication doesn’t fit with a coach who claims Tony Dungy as a ‘life mentor.’

In any case, Porter is on his way somewhere else.

Have a great time, Joey. We’ll always love you in SteelerNation (until you come to town, then we will boo you)!

5 thoughts on “Joey Porter GONE from Blitzburgh…

  1. Personally I think this will turn out to be another incredibly bright move by the Steelers. Joey Porter has probobly already peaked and the Steelers wisely (or cheeply) got rid of him at the right time. If Joey would have just kept his shirt down managment wouldn’t have noticed that his six pack was wearing away.

  2. Well you have to boo him and all other former Steelers … it’s a prerequisite to being a part of the SteelerNation. I think it was money and probably another sign to a possible change in defensive scheme in the future. But it really comes down to money. Money money money, it changes everything!

    Loved his play … but maybe now we’ll have fewer offside calls against us!

  3. i think they should’ve at least traded him. whether he is past prime or not, i don’t think the rest of the nfl thought that. we may have been able to get something good for him

  4. Yeah — but that’s not generally the Rooney way. I seem to recall some saying that we could have done that with Kordell. When asked, Dan Rooney said, “We wanted him to choose his team, not us to choose it for him. They’re not good at treating people like cattle (grin).

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