Are the Steelers really LOSTIES?

Strange Coincidences
from the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game of 11/26/06

Wind speed at the M&T Bank Stadium: 4

Number of plays in Baltimore’s second TD drive: 8

Yardage of Davenport’s first kick return: 15

Yardline on which Boller knelt to stop the clock the final time: 16

Total yards in Steeler Penalties for the first half: 23

Number of passing attempts by Ben and Batch combined: 42


4 thoughts on “Are the Steelers really LOSTIES?

  1. The OTHERS in the NFL are having their day at the Steelers expense … just wait … 16 … 16 NEW GAMES NEXT SEASON!

  2. The numbers always brought good luck to the people who used them though and bad luck to everyone else….maybe the ravens are LOSTies!

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