“If I Did It…”

O.J. Simpson is going to be on some Fox television channels this month. He’s there to promote his book, If I Did It. From what I have read, during the interview he describes how he would have carried out the murders of his ex-wife’s Mr. Goldman in 1994 “if he were responsible.”

Many things disturb me concerning this: First, the money he will make on this book is really money made on the murders. Second, it disturbs me that our society is so unconcerned with right and wrong that we consider something like this to be entertainment.

So I called my local FOX affiliate and spoke to a manager. I said, “Hi — my name is Steve. I am a friendly viewer in Clearfield County. I wanted to speak to you concerning the upcoming O. J. Simpson interview Fox is presenting. According to some news sources, many Fox affiliates are not planning to air it, and I’d like to encourage you to do the same.”

The man at the station said, “That’s great. Our station manager was on Good Morning America this morning explaining why we are not airing it. We feel the same as you.”

After expressing my appreciation and asking him to give my thanks to the station manager, I said good-bye.

Do you feel the same?  Or are the station manager and I overreacting?

5 thoughts on ““If I Did It…”

  1. Yeah, I can’t believe that any channel would show this. What’s sicker is that OJ is actually doing it. Can you imagine what his children must think/feel, or how this will affect them? It’s not bad enough that the mother is dead, but now their father is telling, “Well kids, I didn’t kill your mom. But if I was going to, this is how I would have done it.” It’s just plain disgusting.

    I saw some black commedian talking about htis, and he said, “Look, Im black. Black people were glad when OJ was found not guilty. Let’s be honest though… even black people think OJ did it!”

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