This Year’s Freshmen…

Beloit has published their list of characteristics for this years freshmen. Some of the ones that stood out to me are listed below.

  1. They don’t remember when “cut and paste” involved scissors.
  2. They never saw a Howard Johnson’s with 28 ice cream flavors.
  3. Tom Landry never coached the Cowboys. Digital cameras have always existed.
  4. They do not remember “a kinder and gentler nation.”
  5. American Motors has never existed.
  6. They have grown up in a single superpower world.
  7. Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker have never preached on television.
  8. Iran and Iraq have never been at war with each other.

How do you feel about that list? It makes me feel old, and for a moment, sad that they missed some of that stuff — but oh, what incredible experiences must lie ahead for them!

1 thought on “This Year’s Freshmen…

  1. These students do not know what it is to have a typewriter or to hire a typist at 50 cents a page.

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