Left Behind – The Video Game…

The news tells us that “God’s army will begin battling the Antichrist and his minions in a video game version of post-apocalyptic New York City to be released on Friday.”The full article is here.

Are you getting the game? Does making the Apocalypse into a video game trivialize God’s justice and his wrath? Is this a new high (or low) in Christian merchandizing or a culturally relevant way to get the gospel to the masses?  Does it make disciples?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Left Behind – The Video Game…

  1. Video games by their very nature tend to trivalize most things. Though there is a challenge and the potential for learning new (and hopefully useful) things, winning the game seems to become the goal.

    The design of the game will determine someof itss potential for making disciples or reaching the masses. But God uses some mighty strange things to wake people up to their need for him.

  2. How can it be used to reach the masses with the Gospel. Most of the video gamers sit in a room by themselves, brainlocked into trying to “win” the game.

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