Motorcycles at Mahaffey Camp…

Bikes at the Tabernacle...Sunday there were well over 100 motorcycles at Mahaffey Camp. Watching them ride in and get settled was like watching a parade.

Esther, who works in the dining room, said they were some of the most polite people she’s ever waited on at camp. It was great, having them here.

The best part was the afternoon message, brought by Pastor Dan. He shared from Mark 3, where Jesus healed the man with the whithered hand. As Jesus asked the man to “stand forth”, Dan asked those who needed a touch from God to stand. Several stood at his invitation to salvation, and others responded to his call to healing of spirit.

Even the former president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance got into the act, taking a ride on a trike.

...Dr. David Rambo...Afterward, several of the bikers went to a Civil War cemetary.

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