Using Stress to your Advantage…

Everyone thinks his or her job is the most stressful.

I read recently that teachers have the most stressful jobs. Of course, that conclusion was proclaimed where? On a teacher’s website. Management guru, Peter Drucker once indicated that pastoring is highly stressful. He suposedly called pastoral ministry “the most frustrated profession in America.” Guess where I read that? On a Pastor’s web site.

Most people feel that their lives are stressful. In fact, I would guess that, though it’s mathematically impossible, 90% of us feel that our lives are more stressful than 90% of us.

Did you ever think of how stressful it must have been to do Noah’s job? This message looks at how Noah handled the stress given him and gives us keys to handling stress. It was presented Sunday morning at Curwensville Alliance Church.

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