The Truth about Families…

Let’s be honest about something for a change.

Families are often a plagued by problems. You know that’s the case. If you don’t, just hang out in church at a prayer meeting. You’ll hear a father say, “Pray for my son. He’s using drugs and does nothing but shout at his mother and me.” You’ll hear a daughter say, “Pray for my mom, she’s drinking heavily and staying out all night.” You’ll hear a woman say, “Pray for my husband. He is so angry and I am afraid.”

You see, we all know that there are problems in families, but we don’t always speak of it. In fact, we sometimes speak of family as though it was a perfect place.

But understand this: There is NO perfect place on the planet. Families have always had problems. A man named Eli had a couple of sons who were priests. This sermon is about the problems in his family and in yours. It was presented on a Sunday morning at Curwensville Alliance Church. It tells us how to make our families strong. Stream the mp3 here or download the high quality mp3 here.