Lifetime Warranty

The Beauty of the Lifetime Warranty
Recently, one of my Travan tapes stopped working. I called the manufacturer because the tape said “Lifetime Warranty” right on it.
The person who took my call was more than gracious. She explained to me that the warranty on the tape was for the lifetime of the tape, not my lifetime. Therefore, since the tape was not working, the warranty did not apply.

I couldn’t believe the beauty of this, from the manufacturer’s viewpoint. What a good idea! Guarantee a product for the lifetime of the product. When the product fails, declare it dead and the warranty becomes ineffective.

I read the words of the warranty on the case. The last words were: “This warranty does not apply to product failure resulting from… wear from ordinary use.” I laughed with her about the absurdity and beauty of such a warranty.

Then she said, “Give me your address, and I will send you a new tape.”