How Younger Christians See God…

While I firmly believe that the Scriptures are the only foundation for understanding God, I am not foolish enough to deny that perspective carries a great deal of weight in our viewpoint of God. And each generation, even people within the same generation will see God from different perspectives.

A friend recently sent me this video and the following text:

“This song is what made me realize about the generational differences in being a Christian…this is a song of this generation, who loves God and wants to know Him.  They are not motivated by fear of Him, nor are they moved by the rules and warnings of their grandparents’ generation– as a matter of fact, they view them as man-made and hypocritical, maybe even ugly.”


Living the Call Together…

According to most surveys, the Church is shrinking while world population is growing.  As he addresses this reality, Dr. Walborn, from Nyack College, gives some keen insight.

His statistics are too important to ignore. The man-in-the-street interviews are sobering.

It would be interesting to see this kind of thing done in a rural area. While the number of people who don’t believe in God may be lower, I think it may be surprising how similar many of the repsonses would be if respondents would be honest.

Sound Theology & Agressive Outreach: Mutually Contradictory?

Sometimes I read a blog post and say, “Wow — I wish I had said that.” Such is this post.

When I do marital counseling, I try to teach the couple to value one another’s differences. If they can learn to do that, then they can synergize and see the marriage become greater than the sum of the two. It’s the same in the church.

Unfortunately, the tendency of human beings to be extremists in their thinking causes the two positions noted in Stetzer’s post to alienate one another rather than cherishing one another. The result — stagnancy. It must feel luke-warm to Jesus.