Creating New Header Images…

You’ve probably noticed that a row of televisions in a store can all be the same brand — and even be adjusted the same way — but the image displayed on the screen is different. Sometimes radically different. Sometimes subtly. It’s the same way with computer monitors. When you are on one computer, a image looks one way, then when you move to another, the image is a shade different. Different monitors display color differently.

This week I installed Eye-one on my PCs at the house. Eye-one is a monitor calibrator from xrite¬†that makes sure your color is right so when you work with images what you see is what most others see. And what you see is what you print — or at least close.¬†After calibrating the monitor, I created my own header images for my blog here.

A couple things:

  1. To see a different image, press F5 to refresh. There are about thirty of them, displayed randomly.
  2. I think I did a little overkill with the color. But I was having fun. Oh — and I was learning new software.
  3. I don’t think my Holy Land images are as good as the headers from England that I created. They are on this blog (at the top of this page, displayed randomly). Perhaps I do better with city images than country ones.

As always, your thoughts are welcome.